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Acute & Chronic Pain Policy

At Acute Family Medicine Clinic we are committed to evaluating and treating pain at every visit. There are a multitude of options for treating acute pain including oral medications, intramuscular injections, intravenous medications, suppositories, nerve blocks, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, relaxation techniques, hypnosis, exercise, use of heat and or cold, massage, pressure and vibration, repositioning, immobilization, that we can prescribe or refer patients for. We offer conservative narcotic-free treatment of chronic pain that is associated with some medical conditions.

The treatment of chronic pain with opioids has been associated with hundreds of overdose deaths, abuse, filtering of narcotics into our schools and society, and loss and suspension of physician licenses. Our clinic is not set-up for the management of chronic pain with narcotics or opioids. In addition, no narcotics will be maintained on the clinic premises. In accordance with recommendations by the Federation of State Medical Boards, we will direct those patients in need of the use of controlled substances to pain specialists and experts for further evaluation, treatment, and monitoring.

See also: Narcotics Policy.

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